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Friday, December 4, 2009

Climate change? Happens every day...

Record cold temps. Snow earlier and in greater quantities than ever in recorded history. Data being released PROVING global warming is a hoax.

It's not even WINTER in the US yet and all this is happening. And no one in any position of power in this country is willing to stand up and condemn the liars and cheats who are trying to tax us to death to fill their own coffers and keep themselves in more secured positions of power.

The temperature goes up AND down every day, every week, every month - every year. It ALWAYS has. It always will. We can't predict with any accuracy whether it will rain or snow one week from now. But some so-called scientists claim they KNOW the earth has been and will continue to warm up year after year, unless of course we enact measures now - measures that will not change anything other than establishing the need to buy credits (in the form of increased tax dollars) to keep doing things exactly as we do now. Convenient, isn't that?

Read - inform yourself - and don't take my word for it. But please don't take the word of a politician or an actor or an activist either. They know as much as I do about controlling the planet - which amounts to very little. But I do have eyes and ears and can see and hear the truth in front of me. Hope you can too....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Greening the internet? Really?!

Ok, just read this article and am blown away. When did a basic component of the AIR WE BREATHE become a pollutant that we need to do away with? I guess if CO2 is such a bad thing and we foolish humans just keep exhaling every single second - well, there is only one fix. if we want to 'save the planet' we need to make ourselves disappear. Then the world will be safe for our children... but wait - we won't be around so there won't BE any children... hmm... sort of defeats the purpose, huh?

This ranks right up there with the leaders of the free world thinking they can control the temperature of the earth when we can't even figure out how to accurately predict whether it is going to rain this afternoon or not. but yeah - we can control the cosmos. Frickin' idiots.

Remember the big ozone layer depletion scare in the 80's? Did we solve that one? or did we just find something new to waste billions on...? Is that huge hole that was going to destroy us sealed up now that all the hair-spray cans have a new chemical in them and McDonald's Filet o'Fish sandwiches come in cardboard instead of Styrofoam? I look back at my 8th grade science class and just laugh at the liberal garbage we had rammed down our throats, No wonder we turned into a bunch of mind-numbed morons. :)

Stepping off the soap box now....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Funniest movie in a long while - The Hangover

Just realized it had been forever since I posted a blog update so I figured I would throw a quick one in to let everyone know about a great comedy to go see.

The Hangover is about a group of guys who go to Vegas for one night for a bachelor party and the night goes terribly wrong. Definitely an adult comedy - lots of language and graphic images but the story and writing is superb and the group of collectively 'unknown' actors do an amazing job.

I've seen it in the theater twice already and might go again. Cannot wait for this gem to come out on an unrated or extended cut DVD as it looks like a lot of extra footage was shot for the credit pics. Enjoy!!