Thursday, April 30, 2009

When will the fear-mongering stop?

OK, I was going to post a whole spiel on how we are fearing fear right now, but I found a nice little article by a professional writer that did a better job.

We lived through 8 years of the 'terrorists are going to get us' and everyone condemned Bush and his administration for holding fear over everyone's heads to get what he wanted. We needed change. And HOPE. So 50 million Americans voted for that (which to be fair, is only about 20% of the population, the same percentage that voted in Bush twice).

And now we get no hope, only despair and doom and gloom and the sky is falling reports. Why? To help in the push to nationalize EVERYthing? Or because it is real? You can't tell anymore.

I do know this - it gets really tiring hearing the politicians and the 'leaders' of the world crying wolfe every single day, just so they can secure more of a hold on our lives and freedoms.

Ah well, enjoy! I am about to get into two cramped little airplanes (just to get there, two more on the return trip) full of people I don't know who might be sick so I can enjoy a week of sun and fun in Vegas with more people I don't know, who just might be sick. I can't wait! Someone out there has to help the economy and travel and tourism industry - Vegas - here I come!! :)


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