Sunday, March 22, 2009

Facebook changes enough to make users leave?

Have to get my thoughts down on this one - why did Facebook make itself crappy enough to make me want to leave it like I left MySpace?

Facebook was stealing users from MySpace and MySpace was trying to make itself become more like Facebook for that reason. So why did Facebook try to make itself like another site, Twitter? Twitter already exists so there was no reason for FB to make itself look like Twitter, but they did it anyway.

I know there are more important things to worry about, but one of the great things I loved about Facebook when it first opened up to everyone outside of the college ranks was the clean layout and ease of use. You could easily find people, keep things updated and read updates, profiles - you name it - clearly, because people couldn't 'theme' their page like on MySpace which made most profiles unreadable or took forever to load with audio and video clips.

The profiles are still easy to read, but with their latest design change it is harder than ever to follow anything that is going on. You used to get a nice smattering of pertinent updates from people in your friend list that mattered. Now you get EVERY single thing that ANYone posts or does and it creates a cluster that is impossible to follow or keep up with. They have also hidden updates in the ads on the side of the page, so now you might click on something that is relevant and you want to see or you might end up on another site that lovingly made their ad look like something relevant.

And reading through the news lately Facebook employees hate new look, Facebook employees and end users all hate the new design, but the owner doesn't care. It is his right as owner not to care, but when you have people start leaving your site because of a simple thing like a design change that you refuse to revert, well - that just isn't smart. IMHO of course - I mean, who am I to say?

Sorry for the rant, and I will step off my soapbox now. :)


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